Shahzaadee- Troupe Director


~ Princess of Bellydance ~ Shahzaadee is a performer and instructor of bellydance and has introduced so many to the art of bellydance. She is the owner and operator of Colorful Waves Bazaar, providing supplies for bellydancers, mostly from Turkey, Egypt, and India. She hosts/sponsors local dance events and performances. Shahzaadee is the founder and director of Colorful Waves bellydance troupe. Currently residing in Durham, North Carolina, she is originally from Bristol, Virginia. Shahzaadee began her dance studies in modern jazz. She began International dance studies in 1990 when she met her first bellydance instructor Riscalla (Delores Matzen) and folkloric dance instructor Pat Jessee. Since then, she has studied with numerous master dancers from around the globe. Shahzaadee is an artist, expressing her love of creating beauty in many forms such as painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing and more. In addition to all of this, she is also a practicing licensed cosmetologist. Her greatest motivator is the process of creating beauty. For more information please visit her website at or email her at


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